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Authorised Workshops and Non-authorised Workshops Insurance

Do you know that your Comprehensive Motor Insurance Coverage comes with either Authorised and Non-Authorised Workshops options?

A Non-Authorised Workshop Policy will allow you to seek repair on any workshops which you deemed fit in repairing your vehicle damaged from an accident. This will include your car dealers’ workshops. This is usually the case for vehicles which are less than 5 years old, whereby you have maintained your vehicle maintenance with your dealer and would want them to repair your vehicle with the spare parts directly from the dealer.

Whereas, an Authorised Workshop Policy will only allow your vehicles to be repaired at the insurer’s approved list of workshops. The workshops are qualified by the insurers basing on the repair cost, quality of the repair, and reputation of the workshop. This will restrict the workshops that you are allowed to have your car repaired. The main reason of having a qualified list of workshops come down to the cost of repair.

The cost to repair a damaged vehicle in a non-dealer’s workshop, can be a fraction to that of a dealer – with a risk that the parts are also at a fraction of the quality.

The questions that follow will be,

“Will my car Dealer void my vehicle warranty if i do not repair at their workshop?” and “If I were to sell my car with accident record after some time, will my buyer be confident that my car is properly repaired?”

These have always been on the mind of a car owner when selecting a policy with Authorised Workshop Restriction.

It is a chicken and egg scenario: On one hand, you may be able to save on repair costs if you choose a non-authorised workshop; on the other hand, its policy premium will be more expensive, given that you are given the flexibility to choose any workshop – in general, the premium is 10% to 30% more than that of an Authorised Workshop Policy.

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