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Golfers’ Insurance, For a Swinging Good Time.

When golf clubs and gyms were reopened back in late June, we all breathed a sigh of relief after being cooped up at home during the Circuit Breaker.

Having shared some info on AWG’s very own Hole-in-One corporate Insurance yesterday, I thought to share some info for individual golfers. So before you go swinging in the rain and clear your leaves for leisurely days on the golf course, here’s some information on Golfers’ Insurance that might be of interest!

Why Would I Need Golfer’s Insurance? I’m not a Pro!

I, the writer, myself am an amateur golf enthusiast – in fact, it takes a lot of balls to golf the way I do (pun intended!). It is precisely that non-pros like us, may want to consider having a piece of mind every time we play. For as low as the cost of 2 cocktails, you can be covered for an entire year for situations like:

  • Liability to third-party/public (i.e. legal costs)
  • Accidental death, or disablement
  • Medical expenses (to self and third-party) incurred due to accident
  • Damage or loss of golf equipment due to accident or theft
  • Damage or loss of personal effects
  • Hole-in-one celebratory F&B at the golf club premises (or others)

So this means that no matter where in the world, be it if you are practising at the golf range, or playing with friends or clients on the green.

A Golfer’s Insurance can help to pay for medical expenses incurred, shall you sprained your back teeing off, or if your ball went OB and hit another golfer. It can also cover any damages to your equipment by a caddy, or loss of personal effects in the locker room, etc.

Most importantly, it also gives you an added flair when you attain that dream Hole-in-One glory, by reimbursing food and beverage expenses at your celebration after – just make sure you request a properly authenticated certificate from the golf club first!

Speaking of Hole-in-Ones, read here for some quick info on our bespoke Hole-In-One Insurance for sponsoring golf tournaments.

How Can We Help?

At AWG, we are team professionals and experts in a full spectrum of insurance and risk solutions. If you are thinking of covering your bases before your next golf flight – simply drop us a message below, or call us at 6294 6688 for any assistance. It’s putter late, than never!

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