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Private Car Insurance

Comprehensive (Any Workshop)

If you would like to send your car to your dealer workshop for repair, you will need to have this cover.

Comprehensive (Insurer Appointed Workshop)

With this cover, you can only visit your insurer workshops. You will not be able to send your vehicle to your dealer with this cover.

Comprehensive (Insurer Appointed Workshop)
  • The Coverage is only on Third Party Cover only. If your car is still under financing, you may not be able to choose this cover.
  • This cover is usually for older vehicles.
Third Party Only Cover
  • As the coverage suggest, the cover is only on Third Party, Fire and Theft. If your car is still under financing, you may not be able to choose this cover.
  • This cover is usually for older vehicles.
Additional Perks

Different Insurers may attach different benefits to their policy. Some common benefits provided are Personal Accident for Drivers and Passengers, Courtesy Car and Loss of Use.

Check with your insurer what additional benefits their policy provides when you have decided on the insurer to go with upon renewal.

Additional Perks

Insurance companies usually apply the following excess on your policies. Find out more about them.

  • Own Damage Excess
  • Third Party Excess
  • Young and In-experience Excess
  • Unnamed Drivers Excess
Additional Perks

Named Drivers

Insurance company may name the drivers in the policy for several reasons. Usually, this is done with additional charges so that the drivers named will have a lower excess when there is a claim. The drivers may also be named on the policy as a restriction on the policy to restrict the person driving the vehicles.

How To Apply

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AWG: Covid19 Announcement

Dear Valuable Clients and Partners, 

Following the suspension of activities at workplace premises under the elevated safe distancing measures announced by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on 3rd April 2020, we would like to announce the following changes to our work so as to continue our service to our customers. 

AWG Insurance Brokers is a key member of the financial service industry and we are exempted from the suspension. We will continue to provide services to our customers, but with the following measures and changes. 

Closure of Office to walk-in Customers. 
We will no longer allow walk-in submission of documents. The office will not be opened to the public and you will need to submit any Original Documents to our Letter Box placed at our office. If Original is not required, we will encourage sending via email. This is to reduce human contacts and reducing the risk of infection. 

Working from home
Our staff and management will be taking turns to work at home. We will have a reduced workforce during this period. Many insurance companies also have their staff working from home. You may still contact your servicer at the DID in their email. 

Premium Payment

We will not be able to receive cash payment from customer and all payment is to be made via Paynow with UEN No : 199002234G, QR Code (reflected on our debit note) and Cheques. Please indicate the policy/policies number that you pay and email to for any funds transfer 

MAS has also announced recently on the availability of premium installment. We have not gotten any update from insurers as of today and will update you soonest once we have any information.  

Claim function is probably the most important part of our existence. We continue to assist and advise you on any claims matter. For claims payment, we would advise that you opt for direct fund transfer to your designated account number if the option is available. 

We apologize if there is any inconvenience caused and wish you good health amidst this difficult time.