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AWG Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd “AWG” needs to collect personal data of individuals whilst conducting our business.

These can include Person Data of customers, suppliers, business contacts, employees and their family members, and other people which AWG has a relationship with or may need to contact.

This policy describes how this personal data must be collected, handled, stored and to whom such data is disclosed and to whom data access requests can be addressed, to meet the company’s data protection standards and to comply with the law. You may contact us by sending an email to if you have any questions with regards to this Notice.


We collect Personal Data through our websites, our application forms, by phone through telephone applications, claim forms,social media pages, e-mails and other mode of communications, as well as from our partner companies such as insurance companies, claims adjusters, medical professionals, witnesses, government portals and other third parties involved in our business dealings with you.


Personal Data collected about you and your dependents may include:

  • General identification and contact information such as your name; address; e-mail and telephone; gender; marital status; family status; date of birth; passwords (including on our systems); educational background; social media account; physical attributes; activity records, such as driving records; photos; employment history, skills and experience; professional licenses and affiliations; relationship to the policyholder, insured or claimant; and date and cause of death, injury or disability;
  • Identification numbers issued by government bodies or agencies Identity card number, passport number; employment pass or work permit / FIN number , tax identification number; military identification number; or driver’s or other license number;
  • Financial information and account details including credit / debit card number; bank account number and account details; credit history and credit score; assets; income; and other financial information;
  • Medical condition and health status such as current or former physical or mental or medical condition; health status; injury or disability information; medical procedures performed; personal habits (for example, smoking or consumption of alcohol); prescription information; and medical history;
  • Information enabling us to provide products and services including location and identification of property insured (for example, property address, vehicle license plate or identification number); travel plans; age categories of individuals you wish to insure; policy and claim numbers; coverage / peril details; cause of loss; prior accident or loss history; your status as director or partner, or other ownership or management interest in an organization; and other insurance you hold;
  • Other sensitive information such as religious beliefs, family medical history or genetic information, criminal record or other authorities information about previous dealings with policyholders and claimants for investigations into money laundering, drug trafficking or other serious crimes under the “Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act or the Terrorism ( Suppression of Financing ) Acts;


If you provide Personal Data to AWG regarding other individuals, you agree:

  1. to inform the individual about the content of this Privacy Policy; and
  2. to obtain any legally required consent for the collection, use, disclosure, and transfer (including cross border transfer) of Personal Data about the individual in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


We will only collect and use any of the above Personal Data which we believe to be relevant and required to understand your insurance needs, to conduct our business and to provide better customer service and products for the purpose of:

  • conducting background and identity checks, such as for the purposes of verifying your identity in order to respond to your request to be provided with a duplicate policy or other documentation, any request made by you to change your address in our records, or any request by you to change your bank account or payment or other details in our records;
  • deciding whether to insure or continue to insure you and your insured persons;
  • providing insurance or related products and services to you and administering; maintaining, managing and operating such products and / or services including any renewals;
  • providing advice for product recommendation based on your profile;
  • processing any claims under your policy, including the settlement of claims and any necessary investigations relating to the claims;
  • communicating on any matters relating to the services and / or products which you are entitled to under this policy;
  • respond to your inquiries or instructions and providing ongoing services, under your policy;
  • make or obtain payments and recovering any debt owed to us;
  • detecting and preventing fraud, unlawful or improper activities;
  • conducting market research and statistical analysis;
  • coaching employees for customer service quality assurance;
  • reinsuring risks and for reinsurance administration; and
  • complying with all applicable laws, including reporting to regulatory and industry entities.
  • Sending you important information regarding changes to our policies, other terms and conditions, renewal of policies and other administrative information.


The personal data belonging to you may be disclosed to the parties below:

  • Companies within the Group of AWG Group of Companies;
  • Insurance Companies, third party service vendors, suppliers, agents, reinsurers;
  • Medical Practitioners, Institutions and their Administrators;
  • Local or overseas service third party vendors that provide us with services such as printing, mail distribution, data storage, data entry, marketing and research, disaster recovery or emergency assistance services;
  • Debt collection agencies;
  • Dispute resolution parties;
  • Individual or Corporate Screening Companies that screen their background;
  • Parties that assist us to investigate, administer and adjudicate claims;
  • Financial institutions;
  • Credit reference agencies;
  • Industry associations; and
  • To any regulatory, government and statutory body to comply with applicable, laws or regulation or upon their valid request.


AWG will take appropriate technical, physical, legal and organizational measures, which are consistent with applicable privacy and data security laws.

When data is stored on paper, it will be kept in a secure place where unauthorized people cannot see and have access to it.

When data is stored electronically, it will be protected from unauthorized access, accidental deletion and malicious hacking attempts.

When AWG provides Personal Data to a service provider, the service provider will be selected carefully and required to use appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality and security of the Personal Data.


AWG takes reasonable steps to ensure that the data is accurate and kept up to date.AWG will only retain the data for as long as is necessary to fulfill the original or directly related purpose for which such data was collected, unless the Personal Data is also retained to satisfy any legal obligations.


If you wish to make an access request for access to a copy of the personal data which we hold about you or information about the ways in which we use or disclose your p[ersonal data, or correction or update of you personal data which we hold about you, you may submit a request in writing via email to our Data Protection Officer at

Please note that a reasonable fee may be charged for an access request. If so, we will inform you of the fee before proceeding your request.

We will respond to your request as soon as reasonably possible. Should we not be able to respond to your request within 30 days after receiving your request, we will inform you in writing within 30 days from the time we receive your request.


This Notice applies in conjunction with any other notices, contractual clauses and consent clauses that apply in relation to the collection, us and disclosure of your personal data by us.

We review this Data Protection Statement regularly and reserve the right to make changes at any time to take account of the changes in our business and legal requirements. We will place updates on our website and any change will be effective immediately upon posted on Your continued use of our services constitutes your acknowledgement and acceptance of such changes.

If you have any questions with respect to our Data Protection Notice, please contact us at