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Renewing My Maid’s Work Permit

In Singapore, when your Maid’s Work Permit is due for renewal, MOM will send you a Renewal Notice 8 weeks prior to its expiry.

If you wish to continue to engage your helper’s service, you will need to renew her Work Permit. Before doing so, please make sure that your address is still the same as that on your Identity Card. If you have moved home, you will need to update your address at any Police Post, or Immigration Checkpoint Authority (ICA requires 2-3 working days to process).

Next, you will need to buy a new insurance package. There are several insurance packages offered by different insurance companies, which will comply with the requirements of MOM. You may want to check out our maid package here, which you can use our PROMO Code AWG10 to get a 10% discount !

What you should take note is that if you intend to continue with your maid for just 1 year, you may choose the 14 months package, instead of 26 months.

After you have purchased a new Maid Insurance, you will have to wait for at least 1 working day for the information to be transmitted to MOM system. Sometimes, this may take a little longer due to system issues, thus we advise that you avoid last minute renewals.

If you do not intend to renew you Maid’s Work Permit, You should make arrangements to send her home, or transfer her to another employer.

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