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COVID-19 Update: Work Permit Renewals for Foreign Workers (Phase 1 & 2)

You might have noticed that as a Business Owner with foreign workers in your employment, you may have recently received a letter from the Ministry of Manpower on Work Permit renewals.

Here’s a quick guide.

Prior to procuring a Security Bond and subsequent Work Permit(new or renewals) for your Non-Malaysian foreign workers, a mandatory medical examination by a Singapore-registered doctor is required.

However, in light of the current Safe Transition period, their Work Permit Renewals might have been delayed or overlooked, due to the inability to go for the aforementioned medical examination – and now you are wondering what to do with their expired Work Permits.

What Are The Next Steps To Remedy This?

Currently, the Ministry of Manpower is allowing all passes expiring between 06 June 2020 to 15 July 2020 to be renewed without their medical results.

Having said that, it is critical that:

  1. Ensure your pass holder has a renewal notice. Otherwise, it means he/she is not eligible for the renewal, and you must cancel the Work Permit and send him/her home.
  2. Buy a new security bond for non-Malaysian workers, if you have not done so.
  3. Submit your renewal request.

You can check the new Work Permit expiry dates using SGWorkPass or Check Work Pass Status eService.

For Renewals:

If you have accidentally let your workers’ permits expire, but intend to retain them, do write in to MOM ( to request for the reinstatement of the work permits (subject to approval).

Once the work permits are reinstated, you can then proceed to purchase a new Security Bond and request for a short work permit extension pending renewal via Work Permit Online.

For Repatriations:

If you have been unable to send the workers home due to Circuit Breaker or the dormitory quarantine, you can request for a temporary extension of stay using the below forms:

  1. Request for stay for pass holder before sending him/her home – (CorpPass login)

Do note that you are responsible for the cost of repatriation, including buying an air ticket with check-in luggage allowance.

What Happens Next?

All these processes can be performed online. Contact your Security Bond Insurer before this Friday (19 June 2020) so they can assist in advising appropriate actions to be taken – a lack of action from your end can result in a forfeiture of bonds, and your Insurer is authorized to commence recovery action as per the Letter of Indemnity.

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