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Preparing Ahead – the Hole-in-One Insurance

After months of diligence, Phase 3 is finally in our sights(yay), and the year-end is upon us!

And with that brings Christmas, and possibly incentive events. In Singapore, throughout different industries, the de facto choice of large scale corporate events, is golf.

Golf Tournament

Golf tournaments are very popular within Asia, as a great setting for client networking, and to thank customers and partners for their support through the year. If you are looking to hold a golf tournament, or sponsor the prize award(s) for your customer’s golf tournament, we have an insurance policy that can cover the liability for the biggest ticket item – the Hole-in-One.

Hole-in-One Insurance

To make any tournament more exciting, it would be to add in a Hole-in-One grand prize, of course! It is definitely an added incentive for any golfer to attempt trickier shots, while pitting their skills against others.

However, it is ridiculous to have to set aside a LARGE amount of cash in the event of such an occurrence – and this is where our Hole-in-One Insurance policy comes in handy.

For anything from $10,000 in cash prize, to a brand new car or even a condominium, AWG’s Hole-in-One insurance is designed to cover this assumed liability, if and when any amateur golfer scores a Hole-in-One during the tournament.

Each policy will be crafted according to the prize amount you wish to insure against – hence, for a significantly low amount of premium, you are guaranteed that the prize amount is covered 100%.

How Can We Help?

At AWG, we are team professionals and experts in a full spectrum of insurance and risk solutions. If you are looking at arranging golf tournaments in Phase 3, we would be happy to discuss – simply drop us a message below, or call us at 6294 6688 for any assistance!

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